Dirty Rotten Cuddle Slut, aka Caleb (teh_grimness) wrote in metalbethyname,
Dirty Rotten Cuddle Slut, aka Caleb

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I.Caleb Roberts
II. Ellensburg, Washington
III. 18
IV.thats tough
1 - opeth
2 - cannibal corpse
3 - cradle of filth
4 - type o negative
5 - necrophagist
6 - the cure
7 - slayer
8 - pantera
9 - gwar
10 - agalloch
V. yet another toughie, but i will say either the guys from opeth, lindgren in particular, or muhammed suicemez from necrophagist, just because of how they play guitar, they both have influenced my playing in very major, but hard to notice ways.
VI. Kittie, my ruin, skin lab, flaw, and american head charge
VII. i have taken from several different religions to make my own personal set of moral standards to which i hold myself accountable.

IX.Promote this shit somewhere and post the link.
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