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I.Name? amanda
II.Place of residence?corpus christi, tx
III.Years you have been alive?17
IV.Top 10 Bands?children of bodom, kataklysm, zyklon, stormlord, lamb of god, cryptopsy, amon amarth, 
erernal tears of sorrow, mayhem, satyricon,
V.Who is your favorite and most influential metal performer? And why?  Max Duhamel (drummer from kataklysm) he's so fuckin awesome at the drumms. he's got the gun blast.
VI.First show ever attended? thats gonna have to be rob zombie...lol long time ago
VII.What religion are you (if any) and why? non, i dont really bother with that tho
VIII.Post atleast 3 pictures of yourself. Pictures that actually show your face/body.

chelsea and me being tuff

me and my buddy, just fucking around

i'm just standing there, waiting for the next band to set up


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