creepo18 (creepo18) wrote in metalbethyname,

I.Name? Bart

II.Place of residence?Alabama(and it sucks)

III.Years you have been alive?15 IV.Top 10 Bands?Dimmu Borgir, CoF, Amon Amarath, All That Remains, A7X, Slayer, Morbid Angel, Lamb of God, Rammstein, Symphony X

V.Who is your favorite and most influential metal performer? And why? (Example. Phil Anselmo)It’s hard to pick just one, but all in all, I’d have to pick Synyster Gates, the lead guitar player for A7X, why? I’ve played guitar since I was six and don’t compare to some of the solos he can pull, not to mention, he’s a real cool guy, none of the ‘devil horns’ every five seconds, none of the ‘look at me I’m evil’ shit, he’s himself and he doesn’t care what others think.

VI.First show ever attended? OzzFest, ’96 VII.What religion are you (if any) and why? I don’t believe in a ‘God’ but I do believe there’s a higher power and an after life. VIII.Post atleast 3 pictures of yourself. Pictures that actually show your face/body. NO FUCKING PHOTOSHOPPING!




IX.Promote this shit somewhere and post the link.

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