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I.Name? Troy
II.Place of residence? Kent Ohio
III.Years you have been alive? 17 years
IV.Top 10 Bands? Cannibal Corpse, Corpse Vomit, Burzum, Mayhem, Exhumed, slayer, nile, danzig, old mans child, pig destroyer, emperor, nattefrost, kult ov azazel, morbid angel, mortician, marduk, motorhead, malevolent creation, krisiun, kataklysm, hate eternal, gorgoroth, dying fetus, exodus, darkthrone, dark funeral, decapitated, deicide, cryptopsy, bathory, amon amarth, circle of dead childern, behemoth, kreator, the beauty in genocide, SHOTGUN SODOMY, dissection, nde, RUE, Hate theory, Odal, Venom, naplam death(I dont like PC bands, but they put on a good show), king diamond, suffocation, carpathian forest, opeth, nevermore, soilent green, acid bath, sodom, celtic frost, fleshgrind, impaled, skinless, grave, naglfar, unleashed, divine empire, necrophagia, immolation, blood red throne, obituary, Ash, Deleon, Fully Consumed, rotting christ, nocturne, Satanic Warmaster, Destroyer 666, Crowbar, EYEHATEGOD, Nokturnal Mortum, Graveland, Nattefrost, Kult ov Azazel, Gorgoroth, Blasphemy, Throne of Ahaz, Mütiilation, Summoning, Von. Craft, Sargeist, Leviathan, Hellhammer, Sun 0))), Cult Of Daath, Watain, Windir, Bolt Thrower. This is just a small taste.
V.Who is your favorite and most influential metal performer? And why? Ah shit, theres a lot(to me at least) I'll go with Varg(Burzum) for now.
VI.First show ever attended?
VII.What religion are you (if any) and why? N/A
VIII.Post atleast 3 pictures of yourself. Pictures that actually show your face/body. Image hosted by Image hosted by

IX.Promote this shit somewhere and post the link.
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