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no emo faggots allowed!

erins titties

are you metal?
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About: Are you tired of emo faggot rating communities? Ones where everyone (even dudes) are wearing make up and all they care about is their ugly hair and fashion? Well you've come to the right place. Thats, if you're metal. Your mods are karmahotel and vaginal_rot. Let's get this shit started.

I. No electro scenester kids. If you list "le shok" or any of those shitty bands in your info you will NOT GET IN!
II. If you're fat, don't try to hide it! This means no photoshopping of your pictures of any kind. No contrasting, lightening, airbrushing, ANYTHING!
III. You have to be atleast 15.
IV. If you don't listen to metal, get the FUCK OUT.
V. If you listen to bleeding through, throwdown, laguna coil, or disturbed; this is automatic means to be banned.
VI. You must post your application immediatley after joining.
VII. Use a fucking LJ-cut on your application.
IX. Once stamped, when posting, put "stamped" in the subject line. When voting, put "yes" or "no" in the subject line. You have to fucking vote or else you'll get kicked out. Also, when stamped, feel free to post about anything and everything pertaining to metal. You have to post regularly or else you'll be kicked out.

II.Place of residence?
III.Years you have been alive?
IV.Top 10 Bands?
V.Who is your favorite and most influential metal performer? And why? (Example. Phil Anselmo)
VI.First show ever attended?
VII.What religion are you (if any) and why?
VIII.Post atleast 3 pictures of yourself. Pictures that actually show your face/body. NO FUCKING PHOTOSHOPPING!
IX.Promote this shit somewhere and post the link.


metal is thy name
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